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Mr. E. Kouwenberg

Would like to compliment you on your fine helpdesk and quick responses to my questions, i think your service is simply good.

As you know I have enough experience with ***** and thus know how others are. You handle everything well giving me a comfortable feeling nothing everything is in good care.

All I can say is keep up the good service and I hope to bring many of my client to your platform.

Mr. Scholten

Dear Dennis,

First of all I would like you to be aware of a comment I made to my girlfriend about your service. "LOOK THAT IS SERVICE!!!, Service with a capital S" :)

Somewhere I made a mistake in my connection script. Exactly what was wrong was unclear to me and it looked similar to code you sent me. And as you know, one character wrong and you sometimes look for hours.

I understand that code support falls outside the normal scope of services, nevertheless I want to thank you for the time you took to help me.

Greetings from a very satisfied customer.

Mr. van Uden
Hi Dennis, Great, thanks a lot. Superservice For such a service most providers would be jealous. TOP
Mr. Rebers
Dear Dennis, Enormous thanks for your fast and clear service. A friend of mine reccomended you to me and im already happy. Thanks Frank
Mr. Rossè
Dear Dennis, Thank you for the cood service time and time again. And at such speed. My sincere compliments!!
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