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Our history

Prepaid Webhost B.V. started out on a late evening in October 2002 as a concept and has since then evolved into a mature platform fully enabled and ready to provide services in the 21st century. With the coming of the Internet, as well as new technologies the hosting industry today cannot be compared with that of 10 years ago. All our procedures are now automated, our services have been virtualized and are running on the latest version of the leading VMWare ESX infrastructure. Support is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from different timezones around the world. See below for a chronological list of events.
~ October 2010Prepaid Webhost launches her new website, lowers her prices, introduces volume discounts and adds functionalities.
~ April 2010Prepaid Webhost terminates agreements with existing supplier and starts working closer together with Continuity Solutions B.V.
~ December 2009Prepaid Webhost becomes an independent registrar, removing middlemen and lowers prices of her domain names.
~ October 2009Prepaid Webhost proudly launches her newly developed multi-lingual and feature rich control panel.
~ November 2008Prepaid Webhost adds personalized marketing products and -services to her product- and service offering.
~ March 2008A support deperatment in Hong Kong is openend. Due to the time zone difference we can offer customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week more effectively.
~ May 2007Prepaid Webhost grows and evolves from a partners tradename into an independent corporation, a B.V.
~ September 2006Prepaid Webhost starts developing an internal automation system meant to automate all procedures.
~ February 2006Prepaid Webhost registers the 2500th domain name in her system and adds new extensions.
~ April 2005Prepaid Webhost acquires Hostgoedkoper from ActiveMinds and migrates all clients and domains into her own system.
~ January 2005Prepaid Webhost makes ordering easier for clients and adds several payment methods (credit card, wallie card).
~ October 2004Prepaid Webhost pops the cork on a bottle of champagne and registers her 1000th domeinname.
~ November 2003Prepaid Webhost is the first in the country to launch hosting through a prepaid-model and hereby elliminating debtor risks.
~ October 2002Wouter van der Schagt and Dennis de Jong share a vision, come up with the concept of prepaid-hosting and start materializing the idea.
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