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Dedicated VPS - Upgrades and extrasAvailable FlexiServers

We have listed several Virtual Private Server (VPS) upgrade options and extras for you below that apply to both managed and unmanaged servers. All upgrades require a server restart but do not cause any additional downtime. A Major advantage of a VPS is that increasing capacity is simply a matter of appointing more resources to a VPS.

Configure your own server or increase capacity

Pricelist Upgrades and extras Do you need more resources than the configuration of your FlexiServer allows, but are you not yet ready up upgrade to a higher model? Do you need a custom made server? In the table below you can find all pricing information. Custom made Virtual Private Servers start with the base configuration as listed on the first row in the table below. Tip: Become a Reseller and enjoy discounts immediately.
Expansions and extras Monthly costs Setup costs
Base VPS configuration (for custom servers)
- 1 quad-core vCPU at 2.4 Ghz
- 1 GB internal memory (RAM)
- 20 GB primary FibreChannel storage with backup*
- 80 GB premium bandwidth
€137.89 €93.75
Extra 1 GB RAM (max 6 GB per server)€19.70€8.44
Extra 1 quad-core vCPU (max 4 vCPUs per server)€39.40€8.44
Extra 10 GB primary FibreChannel storage space (with backup*)€15.76€8.44
100 GB secondary RAID 5 SAN storage (no backup)€19.70€8.44
100 GB secondary RAID 5 SAN storage (with backup*)€31.52€8.44
500 GB secondary RAID 5 SAN storage (no backup)€78.80€8.44
500 GB secondary RAID 5 SAN storage (with backup*)€126.08€8.44
Extra 100 GB premium bandwidth€21.01-
Extra 500 GB premium bandwidth€94.56-
Surcharge per 1 GB bandwidth (calculated afterwards) - €0.28
Windows Server 2003 / 2008 license**€25.63€50.00

*) Backups are kept in the same datacenter and are kept for 14 days. Backups can be replicated to another datacenter on another geographic location. Please contact us for options and pricing information.

**) Microsoft licences are made available through the SLPA program of Microsoft through our premium partner Continuity Solutions B.V. This way you don't have to invest in expensive licenses upfront and you are allowed to use the license on the servers hosted with us, but ownership of the license will never be with you. Click here for a complete overview of available licenses.

How to order Send us an email with your requirements, or request a quote and we will get back to you with an attractive and difficult to refuse offer.
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