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Dedicated VPS - Unmanaged Virtual Private ServerAvailable FlexiServers

An Unmanaged FlexiServer VPS on the VI3 platform of VMWare gives you total freedom and flexibility. You choose the resources you need (RAM, CPU, storage space) and receive access to several administrator tools to make your life easier. Of course this includes the remote reboot functionality, but also root/administrator toegang access to the server, console access on the VI3 platform to see the screen and access to the VIX API of VMWare.
Advantages Besides the VMWare advantage and the major advantages listed above we also give you access to Microsofts SPLA program through our Enterprise partner Continuity Solutions allowing you to pay a low monthly price when using Microsoft Products so that you don't have to make large upfront investments in software and licenses. Please refer to our software licenses page for more information.
Limitations With an Unmanaged FlexiServer VPS you are by definitions responsibile for the management and security of the server. If anything goes wrong you will not be able to rely on a Service Level Agreement. A SLA with unmanaged servers only deals with hardware and network infrastructure issues.
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