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Dedicated VPS - Virtual Private Server (VPS) informationAvailable FlexiServers

The Virtual Private Server (VPS) "FlexiServer" of Prepaid Webhost is based on the Virtual Infrastructure 3 (VI3) platform of VMWare, market leader in virtualization. The infrastructure is provided and maintained by our Enterprise partner Continuity Solutions BV, specialist in VMWare virtualization.

A VPS offers major important advantages compared with a conventional physical dedicated server for both managers as well as administrators namely:

Enjoy all advantage of Virtual Private Servers

  • Cost reduction by more efficient use of resources and reduced risk of hardware failure
  • Risk reduction due to lower chances of hardware failure. Virtual servers run on redundantly configured hardware and VMWare's platform is equiped with technologies to catch failures. All servers are setup in a cluster with N + 1 configuration meaning that there is one hot spare server available at all times to take over when something fails.
  • Higher uptime due to the ability to temporarily boost resources through the DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler)
  • Ease of administration, functionalities include: remote reboot, console toegang, snapshot backups, VIX API access and possible rollbacks
  • Scalable, resources are easily expandable (RAM, number of CPUs, storage space and bandwidth) when necessary
Managed vs Unmanaged servers Whether you need a managed VPS or unmanaged VPS depends on the specific situation and your own wishes. If you want to use our Control Panel and do not want to have to worry about security- or software updates, then you best choose a managed VPS. If you want to manage the server yourself or if you want to run other software then an unmanaged VPS may be more suitable for you.
Managed VPSUnmanaged VPS
Our Control Panel in our or your designX-
Possibility to use other software / operating system-X
Access to our software licences-X
Responsibility for server management / securityPPWHYou
Weekly software updates / upgradesPPWHYou
Security updatesPPWHYou
Active Server monitoring and ResponsePPWHYou (or optional)
Root / Administrator access-X
Remote Reboot possibilty-X
Console access-X
VIX API access-X
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