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One of the first things you think about when talking about a website is the domain name. For example, you have now visited the website of Prepaid Webhost by typing "" in your browser. A domain name consists of three parts.

  1. www (a subdomain)
  2. prepaidwebhost (the name, also called the second level domain (SLD))
  3. nl (the extension, also called the top level domain (TLD))
The registration procedure

In the past there was only one organization where you could register domain names. These days there are several different "registrars". You don't have to do this yourself, we have a completely automated process and would be more than happy to do this for you.

The registration period is normally one year, however a domain name can also be registered for a longer time. During the ordering process you can specify for how long you want to register the domain name. In some cases you can enjoy extra discounts when registering for longer periods.

When you register a domain name with us, then you are at all times the owner (registrant) of the domain name. Some providers register domain names on their own name. We however don't do that and give you the freedom to control your domain name yourself or even transfer it away to somewhere else.

Popular extensions There are different kinds of extensions (top level domains). The generic-, country specific- and regulated industry specific extensions. Below are a few examples:
  • Generic / regular extensions (ie: .com / .net / .org)
  • Country specific extensions (ie: .nl / .be / .tv)
  • Industry specific extensions (ie: .gov / .museum / .aero)
Most generic and country specific extensions can be registered through us. During the ordering process you can specify which extensions you want to register. The price of a domain name depends on the chosen extension.
Pricing information

When hosting a website you normally for two things. Monthly for the hosting itself and yearly for the domain name. The price of the domain name depends on the chosen extension and the domain name is registered for one or more years. If you choose to register the domain name for longer than one year, then you can enjoy extra discounts. Click here for a complete pricelist.

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