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Our Anti Spam and -Virus add-on blocks more than 99% of all incoming Spam and stops virtually all virusses. As partner of SpamExperts we invested in their Anti-Span and Anti-Virus cluster solutions. Not only does this ensure that spam and virusses are being blocked, it also means your email is always accessible. Our Anti Spam and -Virus add-on is included in our Linux-M hosting packages and up!

Enjoy having no more spam and no more virusses in your inbox

12 Defense layers Incoming email passes through no less than 12 defense layers before it reaches your inbox. The system learns, adapts, gets smarter and is updated daily with the latest spam signatures. Each of these layers assign a score to an incoming email and the total score determines whether the email is marked as spam (or not) or is deleted automatically (ie: virusses).
Advantages A clean inbox promotes productivity because it saves time, but this is only one of the many benefits you enjoy when using our anti-spam add-on.
  • You receive more than 99% less Spam / chainletters
  • You receive more than 99% less Virusses
  • Daily updates of spam signatures
  • Redundant mail servers
  • Personally configurable anti-spam settings
  • Proven technology from SpamExperts
  • Low prices with excellent value
Pricing and availability The price for this add-on is €1.27 per domain name per month and the activation / deactivation costs are €0.69. These low setup-costs ensure that the add-on isn't switched on and off continuously. Note! Where other providers charge per mailbox for Anti Spam functionality, we charge per domain name, regardless of how many mailboxes you have. Of course if you are Reseller your normal discounts apply. Starting our Linux-M hosting package the Anti-Spam add-on is included in the hosting package!

You can activate this add-on by logging on to our Control panel, selecting the relevant domain name and by navigating through the top menu to Email -> Anti-spam and Anti-virus. Once there you can activate or deactivate the add-on. The system automatically calcualtes the amount to charge for the first month. That way you never pay too much.

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