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Domains -> Domain watchProtect your privacy with ID Protect.

Always be aware of the status changes of your domains

There is no need to collect information about domain names from here and there. You can monitor the most important information from here. Below you can retrieve real-time WHOIS information from any domain name and using our Domain Watch service you no longer have to worry that your domain names change status. Furtheremore you can monitor the domain names of others and immediately register them should they become available.
Domain Watch advantages Now 10.000 checks for €8.25 (less than one cent per check). You configure the frequency of how often you want to check the status of a domain name yourself (for example once per hour). Of course these settings can be changed at any time so that you don't make any unnecesary costs. As soon as a domain name becomes available it will be registered on your domain name. Rest assured knowing that there are only advantages:
  • Be at ease and rest assured knowing the status of your domain names is monitored continuously
  • Complete control over the costs
  • Receive automatic alerts through email or SMS as soon as a domain name becomes available
  • Monitor domain names from others and register anything that becomes available
  • Immediate registration when a domain name becomes available
  • New: You control the frequency at which domain name statuses are checked
How to use this service Click on the button below to add 10.000 domain watch checks to your shopping cart. If you want to manually retrieve the WHOIS information from a domain name, then you can do so below.

Domains -> WHOISProtect your privacy with ID Protect.

A WHOIS server contains a publically accessible database in which ownership of a domain name (or IP address) is maintained. It also contacts the conctact information of the owner and the provider as well as what the leading and authorative nameservers are. Using the form below you can determine which information is publically accessible from a WHOIS server. If you want to protect your privacy then, depending on the extension of your domain name it may be possible to shield some of the WHOIS information of your domain name using our ID Protect add-on.
Retrieve WHOIS information

Please enter the domain name of which you want to retrieve the WHOIS information below. The information shown is in raw format coming from the WHOIS server so you can see all the information that is publically accessible.

Domain name:

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