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Website - Security review

Has your website been hacked? Did you find files on your website that aren't yours or are you receiving security warnings in your browser? Then you are quite possibly the victim of an attack.

Prevention is better than a cure

Attack vectors Different attack vectors can lead to a modified or hacked website and in some cases uploaded malicious files can lead to more problems (ie: spamming or participation in a DDoS attack).

Situations that significantly increase risk:

  • A compromised FTP password
  • A security exploit in outdated software
  • An insufficiently protected contact form
  • Insufficient input validation within your website
  • Incorrectly set permissions on files and folders
IDS: Intrusion Detection System As a hosting provider we are not responsible for the content of websites or how source code or available functionalities in a programming language are used.

Of course that doesnt mean that we dont do as much as possible to minimize the likelyhood of security exploits. Against injections we utilize an IDS (Intrusion Detection System) that stops most attempts, however, just like spam, it doesn't catch 100% of the attempts. Thus it should never be considered a solution. At most it is a last line of defense.

How we can help This service has been designed to assist with finding the security hole, cleaning up the website , removing malicious files and offer solid advice on how a hack can be prevented in the future. This service includes:
  • Analyse the website, code and logfiles to determine the attack vector
  • Verify and offer advice on how future attacks can be mitigated / prevented
  • Clean up the website and remove malicious files
  • Assisting in the re-indexing with search engines so that security warnings in browsers disappear
  • Create spare backups of your website and database.
  • Bring the website online again.
Pricing The fee for a complete Security Review of your website is EUR 115.00 per website plus any costs associated with restoring from a backup (if applicable).

If you are looking for more security, then we offer the same service for EUR 300.50 per website per year, with the aditional benefit that any future hacks within this year will be cleaned free of charge.

Do you have questions or do you want to make use of this service? Please contact us at:

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