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Protect your website with a SSL certificate

ssl On the Internet the "Secure Sockets Layer" protocol (SSL) is used to secure websites and online transactions. The SSL protocol utilized certificates to secure data transfers and guarantee ownership of the SSL certificate. A visitor can rest assured that his or her data is submitted securely through https and that nobody can intercept it. Your visitor can also easily verify ownership of a website. Every SSL certificate can be recognized by the well known browser lock icon found at the bottom or in the address-bar of the browser.
Your professional image

Improve your image, squash your competition

When you order something online, do you check whether the website is secure? Of course you do and so do your visitors. The consumer is more and more aware of online privacy and security issues and you can use this to your advantage. If you don't have a SSL certificate yet and your website performs transactions or contains sensitive data then you are losing income.
  • A SSL certificate triggers the browser lock icon and informs your visitor that you are careful with the information they submit to you.
  • When your visitors do not see a browser lock icon they may go to a competitor who has. You just lost a client.
  • A SSL certificate makes it easy for visitors to read and verify your company information. This way you visitor knows exactly who they are dealing with.
  • When using a SSL certificate with extended validate, the certificate will also trigger the green browser bar instilling even more confidence in your visitors.
  • Last, but not least. The purchase price of a SSL certificate is much much lower than the potential damage a hack or intercepted transaction can do.
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