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Monday, 15 October 2018. Latest news: Hosted Exchange now availabe
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You can become a reseller for as little as €2.44 per month, select your desired resource pool below and click on "continue". Your reseller account will automatically be created and you will be logged in automatically as well. If you are an existing client, you can simply add a resource pool to your shopping cart and your account will automatically be upgraded to a reseller account.

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Reseller-XXXS resource pool (2 GB storage, 1 GB traffic)2.44 / month
Reseller-XXS resource pool (4 GB storage, 2 GB traffic)6.13 / month
Reseller-XS resource pool (10 GB storage, 5 GB traffic)15.13 / month
Reseller-S resource pool (20 GB storage, 10 GB traffic)29.86 / month
Reseller-M resource pool (40 GB storage, 20 GB traffic)58.92 / month
Reseller-L resource pool (100 GB storage, 50 GB traffic)145.31 / month
Reseller-XL resource pool (200 GB storage, 100 GB traffic)286.63 / month
Reseller-XXL resource pool (400 GB storage, 200 GB traffic)565.30 / month
Reseller-XXL resource pool (1000 GB storage, 500 GB traffic)1393.36 / month
Reseller-VL resource pool (2500 GB storage, 1250 GB traffic)3433.63 / month
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